Kyungwoo Chun - Interpreters
With Essay by Park, Pyung-Jong
Korean, English
2014, 79pp., 32 color ills.
18.5x13.5cm, clothbound
ISBN 9788993748505

Publisher: The Museum of Photography, Seoul
Kyungwoo Chun - Gute Nachrichten
/ Versus (other side)
With Essay by Ingo Clauss, Paik Gon
Korean, English, German
2012, 96pp., 130 color ills.
26.5x19cm, hardcover

Publisher: Hanbit Media Gallery, Seoul
Kyungwoo Chun - Photographs
With Essay by Hyeyoung Shin
English, Korean, Japanese
2011, 112pp., 60 color ills.
27,5x21cm, hardcover
ISBN 978-89-962954-8-8 93600

Publisher: IANN BOOKS
Being a Queen - Kyungwoo Chun
With Essays by Rune Gade, Louise Wolthers,
Nathalie B. Shin
Danish, Korean, English
Published by Hanmi Foundation of Arts and Culture
2009, 64 pp., 58 color ills.
24x21,7cm, clothbound
ISBN 978-87-7695-126-9

Distributed by Forlarget Vandkunsten, Copenhagen
Kyungwoo Chun -
Performance Catalogue Raisonné I

Edited by Jiyoon Lee
With Essay by Jiyoon Lee
English, Korean
2011, 198pp., 330 color ills.
21x16,5cm, softcover
ISBN 978-89-962954-9-5-93600

Publisher: IANN BOOKS
Ein Trialog von Kyungwoo Chun, Kunsu Shim und Gerhard Staebler
Edited by Wilhelm Lehmbrueck Museum, Duisburg
Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
With a conversation by artists and esssay by Hella Melkert, Peter Friese
German, Korean, English
22x17cm, hardcover
2009, 206 pp., 55 color ills
ISBN 978-3-89727-427-3

Distributed by PFAU Verlag, Saarbruecken
Kyungwoo Chun - Thousands
Edited by Kunsthalle Emden
Texts by Wulf Herzogenrath,
Nils Ohlsen, Urs Stahel
interview with the artist by Jiyoon Lee
German, English
2008. 128 pp., 118 color ills.
22,50 x17,20cm, clothbound
ISBN 978-3-7757-2167-7

Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Kyungwoo Chun
Photographs, Video Performances
Edited by Stiftung DKM, Duisburg,
Texts by Stephan Berg, Minseong Kim
interview with the artist by Susanne Pfeffer
German, English
2005. 104 pp., 68 color ills.
30,50 x24,50cm, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-7757-1701-4

Publisher: Hatje Cantz